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By: Debby Jones, Director of Outpatient Services

The Healing Place is known for its long-term residential recovery program and we have taken its success and created Recovery Louisville, an intensive outpatient program that also provides sober housing.

Recovery Louisville provides services to individuals who have been referred directly from The Healing Place, or an outside referral source. Clients do not have to live on campus in order to attend the intensive outpatient part of the program. While someone is in the Recovery Louisville program, they have access to licensed counselors who will provide their groups, peer support, and case management.

When someone is referred to Recovery Louisville, they will meet with our administrative staff and complete the initial paperwork, which includes insurance information. If the client does not have insurance, our staff can help them get it. Recovery Louisville is Medicaid approved. Once the insurance work is done, the client will be set up for an intake assessment and treatment plan appointment that day with one of our clinicians. The clinician will gather all necessary information needed to ensure the client is given the best treatment possible.

What happens after the intake depends on whether the client will be living in our sober housing. If the client decides to live off property, they will be given the day their intensive outpatient (IOP) class starts. There are three different groups that meet for three hours a day, four days a week: a morning group for women, an afternoon group for men, and an evening group for men.

If the client decides to live in our sober housing, they will meet with a peer mentor who has been through the Recovery Louisville program and go over housing guidelines. They will be given a room and are on a property restriction for three days. The client can work after two weeks of living on property. Peer support specialists and case managers will help them find a job if needed. Once they begin to work, clients continue to attend their IOP group.

The Recovery Louisville program lasts approximately 24 sessions. During this time, clients also attend 12 step meetings, many of which are held at The Healing Place, and work with a sponsor to develop their recovery and expand their support group. The client then moves into aftercare, which is continued housing and employment, and an added process group in the future. This helps the client maintain their recovery after completing our program.

Recovery Louisville is located at 1017 W. Market, across the street from the Men’s Campus. For information about getting started in the Recovery Louisville program, please call us at 502-357-1972.

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