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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have found a purpose in life. Before recovery, I was existing and surviving. My life had no meaning. Today I wake up every day thinking about how I make myself useful to others, which helps me maintain my sobriety date. I now know what it means to have real friends that would help you through the dark days and make the better days better. I too strive to be the best friend I can be.

I truly believe my higher power brought me to The Healing Place. I should have died of an overdose or in some other devastating way. I was lucky enough to have that moment of clarity and was able to realize the path of destruction I left behind. My mom, who was the strongest person I have ever known, finally gathered up enough courage to drop me off at The Healing Place after I harmed her for who knows how many times. Little did we know that time what miracles were to come.

While I was The Healing Place I learned how to deal with life sober. I learned responsibility and humility and realized I no longer had the answers for everything. I learned how to lean on my brothers when I needed to and do my best to help others. I was able to work the 12 steps of AA which led to a spiritual experience that has been wonderful. If it wasn’t for The Healing Place I would either be dead or in prison right now. I have so much gratitude for the place that saved my life and changed it for the better.

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