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Trust the Process

By: Doug Scott, Vice President of Mission Advancement

Over the past year, I have had the privilege to study the critical elements of The Healing Place recovery program with our Executive Chairman, Jay Davidson. There are 27 ‘absolutes’ that form the foundation of our 31 years of success in providing recovery to those who struggle with addiction. There are several connecting principles among them, which Jay likes to call nuances of the program. Having celebrated 13 years of abstinence recovery a few months ago, I have been reflecting a lot lately on one of these nuances… time. I’m not talking about the miracle of that much time in recovery; I’m talking about how I am just getting started. At 51 years of age, I am a teenager! Of course, this is not a surprise to those who know me.

I was recently in a conversation with Heather Gibson, our Vice President of Program Services, and she made the statement that “recovery is not an event, it is a process”. Very few treatment programs provide as much time to begin this process as we do here at The Healing Place. As I know from personal experience, 30 days or 60 days is not enough time for someone to recognize the underlying causes of their behavior, let alone begin to address them and develop new ones. The long-term recovery approach taken here is one that provides a safe, supported space for individuals to learn, grow, and change.

Our long-term recovery approach is present in all the programs housed at The Healing Place. Our veterans program is providing the time and connectivity for recovery supports to be established and community resources to work towards stabilization through permanent housing. The outpatient programs are connected to transitional living opportunities so that our nationally-recognized peer-driven social model of recovery can be established, and a true foundation can begin. Of course, our bell cow, the six to nine month recovery program is the base of all of this and is unmatched in its success.

My recovery started on August 12, 2007 in the detox unit here at The Healing Place. Back then, they told me to trust the process. If I had known then that I would just be getting started 13 years later, I am not sure I could have trusted the process that saved my life. I’m sure glad I did. I have my family back in my life – my daughter, my mom, and my brothers and sisters. I own a home, I pay taxes, and I have a car that drives!

Connection to community and my spiritual growth are what have established a meaningful life for me. Not the stuff. This is, and will continue to be, a process. I trust it today… fully. Thank God for his grace through time.

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