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A Place Like No Other

By: Alaina Combs, Women's Program Director

The Healing Place is such a special program. Many of our alumni, including myself, would say that the THP women’s campus is a place like no other.

We are a long-term recovery program that focuses on behavior modification in a loving and caring environment. One thing that makes us different is that we have minimal barriers for folks to be in our program. We will accept people regardless of insurance, identification, or financial status. We accept all referral sources including those who are coming straight from prison or jail, Casey’s Law, home incarceration, homeless, and the ones who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have literally seen women show up to our facility at 15th and Hill with nothing but the clothes on their back and walk out living meaningful productive lives with the world at their fingertips.

People stay with us anywhere from six months to two years, getting a full continuum of care. Clients have the opportunity to get their GED, acquire job skills, learn to manage responsibilities, show up on time, add value to everything they do, and take their place in the world as clean and sober individuals. One thing recovery has taught us is that quitting drugs and alcohol is only a beginning.

The Healing Place has helped countless women restore their lives and raise healthy families and have productive careers. These women no longer take up beds in jails and institutions saving money for the community and state. Many of these women go on to work and manage these same institutions.

Clients are happy in the program and the reduction of shame is remarkable. There is a sense of community where no one person is better than the other. The stories are different but the pain is the same. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a quote that states “we are like the passengers of a great liner the moment after rescue from a shipwreck”. This is the reality for the clients at The Healing Place. I remember going through the program as a client on parole to complete the program and feeling like I had to be there, then – like magic – one day I remember the feeling of wanting to be there. After that they couldn’t kick me out. I know so many women who have felt the same. I think that this is a true testament to the power of The Healing Place.

I am still there, just at a different capacity. I have been the Program Director for almost three years now and it is an honor to serve the place that saved my life. I get to watch the transformation of women from being in the dark to walking in the light just as I did. It is one of the only programs where you get to witness this transformation over this long period of time.

The spirit of The Healing Place is remarkable and unforgettable. If you or a loved one are looking for a place to find recovery, The Healing Place truly is where hope is found!

One thought on “A Place Like No Other”

  1. Janet Young says:

    This is beautiful.. thank you..that’s exactly where I found hope..that house built me and taught me how to be a lady today.. I love going bk there..I still tell the clients that I don’t let anyone take my seat..I’m a proud Alumni and I am so thankful for the healing place..the program is dwelled In me..the bondage of sisterhood…I get to be apart of something today..thank you Alaina for your guidance..I feel like I have heaven on earth and each day I get a new beginning of a beautiful brand new start to live with hope and walk with faith.. I’ve got confidence and I hold my head up high..that’s not even the start of what this program has given me ❤️❤️

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