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The Campbellsville Community

By: Matthew Wise, Campbellsville Site Director

The Healing Place of Campbellsville is a 100-bed facility that is designed to give those in rural Kentucky the opportunity to recover from addiction. The model and the spirit of Louisville’s program is replicated and downsized to fit the needs of a smaller community.

Recovery can be described as a process in which someone has stopped using addictive substances and has moved towards a healthy and productive life. The goal is to provide peer support, educational classes, job responsibilities, and establish new and healthy behaviors that improve self-care and enhance the new productive life. We believe that recovery is the foundation that one can build a life upon.

Not only are we committed to helping those in addiction, The Healing Place is also focused on helping the community of Campbellsville. We have partnered with several business, non-profits, and community agencies that focus on meeting needs such as housing, clothing, food, and more. A common saying in Alcoholics Anonymous is ‘you have to give it away in order to keep it.’  Helping others in the Campbellsville community also reminds our residents where they have come from; in return it should help keep them committed to their recovery program.

While helping in the community, we have made valuable and lasting relationships. The support has continued to grow over the years which have helped our clients get housing and employment. We will continue to cultivate these relationships because we know it does not just help the clients, but the Campbellsville community as well.

These relationships we have built continue to be part of the holistic approach we are looking at when putting our clients in the best positions for long term success. As our partnerships grow, so do the number of opportunities we can provide for our clients. We want our residents to begin a new life free from addiction.

If you or a loved one would like more information about The Healing Place of Campbellsville, please give us a call at 270-789-0176.

2 thoughts on “The Campbellsville Community”

  1. Gary Lee Wise says:

    Thank you Son, for helping our community. Thank you Son, for being the man, who you are.

  2. Steve Croghan says:

    Thanks THP staff and clients for giving me the opportunity to change my life completely around.Dont believe it would have even been possible without you! Thanks so much!

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